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Ways in Which You Can Lose Your Architect License


Architects help design structures through planning and drawings. There is some confusion in the state of Florida regarding whether or not an architect needs a license. A license is needed primarily for commercial buildings. For example, a high-rise building, apartment complex or shopping mall would all require a licensed architect. On the other hand, a single-family residence, addition onto an existing structure, farm building or private building costing under $25,000 would not require a license.

Once you get your license, hanging onto it can be a challenge. You should be fine as long as you follow state laws and conduct your work in an ethical and responsible manner.  However, there are many actions that can cause your license to become suspended or revoked.


It’s never a good idea to deceive someone, especially when it comes to your professional license. If you use fraud to obtain your license—such as by lying about your education or having someone else take your exam—then you will lose your license. The same applies if you operate your business using fraudulent practices.

Negligent or Willful Misconduct 

Architects design buildings for public use and are therefore held to very high standards. While people make mistakes, if you make an error that is grossly negligent or done on purpose, you could lose your license.


You must conduct business under your name or a company name. You cannot use someone else’s name as your business name. This is a form of identity theft and could lead to disciplinary actions.

Signing Off on the Work of Others 

You are not legally allowed to sign or stamp work that is not yours. You are only allowed to do so on work that you personally did or work that was performed under your immediate supervision. Taking credit for someone else’s work is grounds for disciplinary action.

Encouraging Unlicensed Activity

If a job requires a license and you help your unlicensed friend get a job, this is called aiding and abetting. You could have your license suspended or revoked as a result.

Criminal Record

The licensing board does not condone criminal activity. Because architects are held to high standards, felony convictions are considered a no-no. Any felony related to the architect profession will more than likely cause your license to be revoked. However, if your felony conviction happened long ago and was not related to the architect field, then the board may give you some leeway. In any case, you are ultimately judged by your character, and if there’s any evidence that you could commit further criminal activity, you’ll lose your license for good.

Keep Your License with Help From a Tampa Architect Licensing Lawyer 

Getting an architect license is a time-consuming endeavor. It also requires a lot of hard work, so it’s important to take the proper steps to hold onto your license throughout your career.

Negligence, fraud and deceit can all cause you to lose your architect license. If you are facing license suspension or revocation, don’t fight this battle alone. Get legal representation from the Law Offices of David P. Rankin, P.A. I am a Tampa administrative lawyer who focuses on licensing issues for architects and other licensed professionals. For a free consultation, contact my office today by calling (813) 968-6633.