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“I sought Mr Rankin’s assistance because I was facing an action by the Florida Board of Dentistry to revoke my license. The issue stemmed from a personal tax evasion conviction. So my case was a extremely difficult one. Facing the lose for my dental license was something I never envisioned and was devastating. I will ever forget my first phone conversation with him. He gave me a feeling of confidence that he could handle my case and was empathetic to my personal situation. Mr Rankin was very prepared when we went in front of the dental board and my outcome was favorable. I felt his fee was reasonable when I considered the amount of work he did to prepare to represent me. I would recommend him highly to anyone facing the board of dentistry” – Former Client

“My partners and I retained David Rankin because he had represented an engineer in our community in a highly publicized case in which, initially, the engineer was convinced that the Board of Professional Engineering was going to revoke his license.  However, Mr. Rankin did an outstanding job guiding my friend through many very challenging circumstances and obtained an incredible result. When a complaint was filed against our firm that alleged several very serious allegations, I immediately called David Rankin. He was very compassionate and always made himself available to discuss any issue. The issues confronted were complex and challenging.  My partners and I could not have been more pleased with the results. I highly recommend David Rankin.” – Former Client

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