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Veterinarian’s License Suspended For Selling Puppies, Safety Issues


Veterinarians often perform major surgical procedures on animals. They use various instruments on pets to take their temperatures and give them shots. There are procedures for cleaning and disposing of these instruments that need to be followed. When they’re not followed, it becomes a safety issue.

This is what a veterinarian from Wisconsin was doing. She was not only engaging in unsafe practices, but she also assisted with the sale of puppies to brokers without proper inspections. Certificates are needed from veterinarians to transfer dogs to and from breeders. The veterinarian in this case did not properly inspect the dogs and didn’t even fill out a huge portion of the certificates. She signed off on more than 50 shipments of puppies to Iowa brokers, breeders, and retailers in 2022. This is concerning considering the board’s findings and does not prove that these puppies are certified as “vet checked.”

The veterinarian’s problems began in 2020, when inspectors made an unannounced visit to  Overturf Vet Clinic. Her “clinic” turned out to be part of her home. It included her home’s kitchen, an unlocked pantry that contained veterinary medications, and an office with no heat or running water.

The veterinarian was asked where she performed the spaying, neutering, surgeries, and euthanasia of animals. She said she performed operations on animals on her kitchen island and euthanized animals. She also admitted to not sterilizing her surgical instruments. They were kept in a cake pan in her kitchen cabinet alongside her personal dishes. The veterinarian also acknowledged that she only cleaned thermometers as time permitted but didn’t think proper sanitation was necessary, as they were used only for rectal temperatures.

The veterinarian faces many charges. They include unprofessional conduct for failing to keep her clinic and equipment clean, failing to keep controlled substances secured, and failing to maintain an inventory of controlled substances. She was also charged with improperly completing multiple breeder documents in violation of state regulations. She had issued a falsified document to one licensed dog seller knowing that seller was going to put incorrect dates on it to engage in fraud.

After reviewing the case, the board decided to suspend the veterinarian’s license without a hearing. The board concluded she had engaged in unprofessional conduct through fraud, gross negligence, or deception.

The vet’s license has been suspended on an emergency basis. Her veterinary office has been shut down for the time being. The outgoing message on her phone states she is on “personal leave.”

Keep Your License With Help From a Tampa Veterinarian Licensing Lawyer

Veterinarians need to follow ethical, legal, and safety protocols that pertain to their clients. Not sterilizing instruments and performing operations on a kitchen island are not considered safe activities.

Is your license at risk? If so, a Tampa veterinarian licensing lawyer from The Law Offices of David P. Rankin, P.A. can assist you with a wide variety of licensing and disciplinary matters. Schedule a consultation by calling (813) 968-6633 or filling out the online form.