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Physical Therapist’s License Still Suspended for Sexual Assault


Physical therapists help those with injuries relieve pain and regain mobility. They often work with a person’s arms, legs, neck and shoulders to relieve stiff muscles and joints. They see patients in vulnerable positions and as such, they must act in a professional manner at all times. Otherwise, they can face license suspension.

Some physical therapists, however, cross the line and touch body parts in a sexual manner. They may end up sexually assaulting their patients. This was the case for a physical therapist in Michigan. The man has had his license suspended since November 2019 after accusations surfaced that he inappropriately touched multiple female patients.

The physical therapist, however, denied the allegations. He wanted his license back so he can continue practicing. That won’t happen at the moment. After a hearing in late January, the man’s license remains suspended. He is currently facing seven counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. Six of these were new charges filed in late February.

The physical therapist owns his own practice called Okemos Therapy Services. The judge heard from nine clients and former employees during the hearing. One of the employees was a physical therapist who worked with the man between 2007 and 2012. He claimed that at least one other person was in the room with the man when he worked on sensitive areas such as the buttocks and chest. Office managers also testified and supported the physical therapist, claiming that the accusations against him are false.

Former staff members said they were often in the room with the man, particularly when he worked with female patients. In addition, the exam rooms were hardly ever closed, except for when the patients were changing their clothes. Therefore, if something had happened, somebody would have likely noticed.

Three female patients testified against the physical therapist. They all want the man’s suspension to stay in place. They claim that the man got pleasure out of sexually assaulting his patients.

One woman with neck pain was asked to undress from the waist up. She claims the physical therapist stared at her breasts. Another woman who was experiencing elbow pain, said the man asked her to remove her bra as he massaged her shoulders and buttocks. He then asked her to fully undress and proceeded to massage her breasts. A third woman who saw the physical therapist for neck pain claimed that the man massaged her breasts and buttocks. She also stated that the man became sexually aroused after the assault took place. 

Keep Your License With Help From a Tampa Physical Therapist License Lawyer

Physical therapists deal with various body parts and they therefore must act in an ethical manner at all times. Touching a person’s breasts, buttocks or private parts is never allowed except in extreme cases and under supervision.

If your license is at risk, Tampa physical therapist license lawyer David P. Rankin can help. He has helped physical therapists and other licensed professionals deal with administrative issues. To schedule a consultation, call (813) 968-6633 or fill out the online form.