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Nurse’s License Suspended For Writing Phone Number On Patient’s Thigh, Other Misconduct


When people are seriously ill or injured, they go to an urgent care center or emergency room so they can receive prompt treatment. They typically don’t want to be inappropriately touched by medical staff. This puts both people in uncomfortable positions and can even result in license loss and other penalties.

This is what happened to a nurse in Rhode Island. The man got his license suspended on June 30 after being accused of sexual misconduct on a patient.

The Rhode Island Department of Health received a sexual misconduct complaint against the nurse on June 26. This was two days after a female patient went to an urgent care center for a suspected yeast infection.

While in the exam room, the nurse commented on the patient’s arm tattoo and proceeded to rub it. The patient also had a tattoo on her upper leg. The nurse pulled up the patient’s shorts without permission and began rubbing it as well.

While examining the woman’s genitals, the nurse did not put on gloves. But when internally examining her vagina, he did put a glove on his right hand. He then stuck a finger in her vagina for several seconds. He then removed his finger and stated that there was no vaginal discharge on the glove.

The nurse did not make notes on the exams he performed. He did not record the findings or make any other notes.

The nurse, however, did write his name and phone number on the patient’s thigh and told her to call him if she needed any prescriptions. In addition, the nurse told the patient he would take her out for wine and that they would see each other again.

Upon investigation, the Rhode Island Department of Health determined that allowing the nurse to continue practicing would constitute an immediate danger to the public. The nurse was accused of sexual misconduct and got his license suspended. The man had been a licensed nurse in the state since 2016.

Sexual misconduct between nurses and patients can happen in several ways. One is engaging in conduct with a patient that is sexual. It could also mean any verbal behavior that is seductive or sexually demeaning to a patient, such as asking for sexual favors. Engaging in inappropriate sexual contact, exposure, gratification, or other sexual behavior with a patient could also be ground for a sexual misconduct charge. Nurses need to keep their behavior professional.

Keep Your License With Help From a Tampa Nursing License Lawyer 

Nurses and other medical professionals need to act ethically at all times. Touching a patient’s body parts for non-medical reasons is a huge no-no and can lead to license loss.

A Tampa nursing license lawyer from The Law Offices of David P. Rankin, P.A. can help protect your livelihood. I help nurses with licensing and/or disciplinary issues resolve their matters as efficiently as possible. Schedule a consultation today by calling (813) 968-6633 or filling out the online form.