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Nurse’s License Suspended for Fraud Charges


There are many types of elder abuse. While many people think of physical abuse, the abuse can be financial as well. Many caretakers take advantage of the elderly, particularly those with mental issues. When a nurse does it, he or she can be convicted of fraud and face harsh penalties, including license loss.

A certified nursing assistant in Florida recently had her license suspended after forging a patient’s check. The 33-year-old woman from Tavares pled no contest to one count of fraudulent use of personal identification information. She began three years of probation in December 2019. On April 3, the Florida Department of Health put an emergency suspension order on her nursing license. She has been licensed since 2015.

The incident occurred in July 2019 while the nurse was working at The Villages Rehab & Nursing Center, located in Lady Lake. A resident’s nephew contacted police about a $700 check written from his aunt’s account to the nurse. The resident did not recall writing the check, and her check registry did not show any evidence of the check.

There was additional evidence that the resident did not write the check. The signature on the check included her middle name, which she never used. Also, the handwriting did not match hers. It instead matched the penmanship of the nursing assistant.

When police asked to talk to the nurse, she asked them if the request was in response to the gift she was given. She claimed that the resident heard about her financial issues, including her car trouble, and slipped her a check. The resident then told the nurse not to tell anyone.

This, however, was not the case. The woman’s license has been suspended for the time being. She is also facing fraud charges.

What is Financial Fraud?

Many elderly people are victims of financial fraud. This occurs when someone illegally uses a person’s money or other assets. Many elderly people have dementia and other mental problems. In addition, many older people are also very trusting of others. They tend to think of people as honest, and when they do get defrauded, they are not likely to take action. This makes them prime targets for scammers.

Financial fraud is a type of elder abuse. Elder abuse affects approximately 5 million Americans every year. It also costs billions of dollars.

While many scammers are strangers, many are people that the victim knows. They could be caretakers, nurses and even family members. 

Keep Your License With Help From a Tampa Nursing License Lawyer

There are many ways in which a person can lose their professional license, and fraud is one of them. Licensed professionals must act in an honest manner at all times. When they lie or deceive others, they can face strict punishment.

Tampa nursing license lawyer David P. Rankin can help you with licensing issues. He has helped nurses and other licensed professionals resolve their licensing matters. To schedule a consultation, call (813) 968-6633 or fill out the online form.