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Non-Payment of Student Loans Can Impact Nursing License


Nurses know that they must act in an ethical manner at all times. To avoid license suspension or revocation, they must avoid committing crimes and treat patients with the highest standard of care.

Many nurses, however, are not aware that their duties include paying student loans on time. If a nurse stops paying on a student loan and it ends up in default, he or she could have their nursing license suspended. In fact, 22 states, including Florida, allow state licenses to be suspended for defaulting on student loans.

One specific case left a nurse with major headaches, even though she did pay her loan by a certain date. In this case, the nurse acquired a new debit card and forgot to update this information with the lender. She received a letter stating that she had until a certain date to pay the amount due or face license suspension.

She quickly paid the amount due and was told that everything was fine. Not long after, she was working a shift when she was told by her manager that her license was suspended. She was sent home right away.

The nurse was told that it was a clerical error, and her license has since been reinstated. However, her suspension remains posted on the state board’s website because erasing disciplinary records is not allowed—even in this case, where the suspension was due to a mistake.

Now that the woman’s suspension is public record, it can affect her ability to find work, especially if she works in another state. Obtaining a license and finding a job may be more hassle than it’s worth, and could take a long time, if she is granted a license at all.

When applying for a job after a license suspension is posted on your record, honesty is the best policy. Hiding the fact that your license was suspended will only do more harm than good. It shows the company that you cannot be trusted. Instead, it’s better to be honest about what happened and provide documentation

If you are a nurse, you can avoid this situation by letting the appropriate agencies know whenever personal or payment information changes, such as addresses and new credit cards. Even changes in a last name—such as through a marriage or divorce—should be updated with the state board.

Keep Your License with Help From a Tampa Nursing License Lawyer 

As seen here, even if you treat your patients with the utmost care and do an excellent job, you can still lose your nursing license. It doesn’t seem fair that you can have your license suspended for not paying your student loans on time, but unfortunately, it is state law and it can affect your ability to work.

If you are a Florida nurse facing license suspension or loss for defaulting on student loans, don’t fight your case alone. The Law Offices of David P. Rankin, P.A. has 30 years of experience representing nurses and other licensed professionals. To schedule a consultation, contact the office at (813) 968-6633.