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NASA Presentation In Orlando Stresses Ethics, Leadership


When you think of space travel, astronauts are probably the first thing that comes to mind. But the truth is that many types of people are needed if we plan to live in space in the near future. This was the message during a 90-minute presentation from former astronauts,

The free presentation took place on April 1 at the Plaza Live. The speakers talked about ethics and leadership to a crowd of 600 students from local high schools and colleges. The presentation was moderated by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

The speakers included Charlie Bowden, Robert Lee “Hoot” Gibson, Rhea Seddon, George Pinky Nelson, Brewster Shaw, and Jim Weatherbee.

The speakers talked about what it takes to be a leader and having the courage to do the right thing. The astronauts also discussed the many challenges they faced along the way. They also encouraged the students to think about space in broader terms. For example, there are 18,000 people at NASA, and only a small percentage are astronauts, engineers, and scientists. There are a lot of different roles. Everyone should pursue their passion and be leaders in their own lives.

Weatherbee spoke about how the best leaders share three traits. They are committed to a mission. They care about people and their individual success. Good leaders are also highly competent and have good communication skills.

Students enjoyed the lecture and were happy to know that their interest in space would be useful for NASA, even if they never got near a spaceship. It will be interesting to see how their interests and behaviors could aid space exploration in the future.

What Civil Engineers Can Do at NASA

A civil engineer can build a variety of structures for NASA, including the following:

  • Space stations. Civil engineers work with structural engineers, scientists, and astrophysicists to design space stations.
  • Command centers. Command centers are part of space programs. These centers tend to be large, as they house warehouses, hangers, and runways.
  • Launch platforms. Launch platforms are used to launch spacecraft beyond Earth’s atmosphere. This can be challenging, as there are weight, fuel supply lines, and other factors involved.
  • Space elevators. While not a reality quite yet, space elevators could be a future project for aspiring civil engineers. These proposed elevators are long cables fixed on Earth near the equator. They reach out into space and have the potential to reduce the cost and time of space access.

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Civil engineering comes with a lot of responsibility. Whether you’re building things on Earth or on another planet, you need to know how to create effective and ethical structures. There’s a lot at stake.

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