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Masseuse Faces License Restrictions for Inappropriate Conduct


When a male masseuse massages a woman, it can be an uncomfortable situation for all involved. Massages help relieve stress and tension but are often sensual as well. That’s why many women prefer to have female massage therapists. The man giving the massage may feel the urge to take things a step further and engage in sexual contact with the client. This is not only unethical but illegal. A male masseuse accused of such misconduct can lose his license.

In the wake of the accusations against popular franchise Massage Envy, a South Florida man is facing license restrictions after he kissed a female client’s breast during a massage session. On November 13, an emergency restriction order was placed against the man. He is no longer allowed to perform massages on female clients.

The incident happened on October 3. A 25-year-old woman was receiving a massage from the male masseuse when he turned onto her back. The man was massaging the woman’s breast area. He then proceeded to uncover the area and grab her breasts. He then started kissing one of the breasts.

The woman was clearly upset and pushed the man away. She covered her body and confronted the man. The man begged her not to say anything. The client rejected the plea and the business suspended the man.

Massage Therapists’ Code of Ethics

Just like all licensed professionals, massage therapists must abide by a code of ethics. The code of ethics is a mandatory set of rules that govern professional conduct in a workplace environment. Massage therapists must not only abide by all rules and regulations, but act in an ethical manner as well. This means engaging in sexual activities during a massage is not allowed.

This is a standard rule in many business relationships. No person in authority—such as a teacher, doctor or massage therapist—is allowed to carry on sexual relations with a client or patient. A massage therapist must also respect a client’s right to privacy.

There are other rules that apply as well. For example, massage therapists must apply the highest quality bodywork to clients. They must be truthful in their marketing tactics and they cannot engage in activities that would violate confidentiality agreements. They must also perform services without prejudice or discrimination.

Keep Your License with Help From a Tampa Professional Licensing Lawyer

Physical therapists and massage therapists often see patients in vulnerable positions. If these professionals perform services in an unethical manner, they could face license restrictions and even suspension. This can limit their ability to earn income.

If you are facing a license restriction or suspension, The Law Offices of David P. Rankin, P.A. can help. I am a Tampa administrative lawyer with 30 years of experience handling licensing disputes. I represent massage therapists and other licensed professionals. For a free consultation, contact my office today by calling (813) 968-6633.