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Legal Concerns Among Veterinarians


Medical professionals have a tough job. Even veterinarians, who deal with animals, have it rough. They not only have to take care of their furry and feathered clients, but also deal with their client’s owners, which can sometimes be an even harder task.

In fact, there is increasing concern within the veterinary medical community about disgruntled clients. Dogs and cats are supposed to be pets (property), but many pet owners treat their animals like children. Many animals even have their own social media accounts.

What this means is that people are spoiling their pets. Many want their furry friends to get the best veterinary care possible. But if the vets are not constantly doting on their pets, the owners

are unfairly leveraging various legal tools against them. Because of this, veterinarians and students should be aware of the most common types of problems arising within the clinic and how they can lead to formal consumer complaints.

But are veterinarians being negligent? Professional negligence is defined as a breach of the standard of care, meaning that the veterinarian failed to use such reasonable skill, diligence, and attention that others in the profession may use.

Why Pet Owners Sue Vets

Pet owners may take legal action against a vet for various reasons such as the following:

  • If a veterinarian provides substandard care or makes a mistake that harms a pet, the owner may sue for malpractice. This could include misdiagnosis, surgical errors, or medication mistakes.
  • Owners may sue if they believe the veterinarian acted negligently in caring for their pet. This could involve not following proper protocols, not providing adequate treatment, or not properly monitoring the pet’s condition.
  • Breach of contract. If there was a specific agreement or contract between the pet owner and the veterinarian regarding treatment or services, and the veterinarian fails to fulfill their obligations under that contract, the owner may sue for breach of contract.
  • Financial loss. If the pet owner incurred significant financial expenses due to the veterinarian’s actions or negligence, they may sue to recover those expenses.
  • Emotional distress. In some cases, pet owners may sue for emotional distress if they believe the veterinarian’s actions caused them significant emotional harm, such as the loss of a beloved pet due to negligence or malpractice.

Keep Your License With Help From a Tampa Veterinarian Licensing Lawyer

Many people treat their pets like humans, and this can have implications for veterinarians. They may be accused of not doing enough to treat a beloved pet, even if they have met the standard of care.

Are you meeting the standard of care as a vet but still facing legal issues from disgruntled clients? If so, a Tampa veterinarian licensing lawyer from The Law Offices of David P. Rankin, P.A. can assist you. I am able to assist veterinarians and would-be veterinarians with a wide variety of licensing and disciplinary matters. Schedule a consultation today by calling (813) 968-6633 or filling out the online form.