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Keeping Your Moral Code Consistent


Many of us like to think that we know the difference between right and wrong, but do we really? However, psychological studies showed a couple interesting facts about immorality that we may not consciously be aware of. For example, one study found that immoral behavior is often encouraged when the perpetrator has been the victim of unjust behavior in the past. This tends to allow for compensatory immoral behavior, which can cause a chain reaction of such behavior.

Also, studies have shown that people tend to be lenient when it comes to their loved ones behaving immorally. Their behavior is more accepted when compared to strangers behaving badly.

This makes it hard to keep others accountable for their behavior. If you find yourself doing the behaviors above, you need to improve your moral code. This is especially important if you are a licensed professional. If you don’t stay true to your morals, it could affect the way you deal with clients, which can mean license suspension and other disciplinary action. Here are some strategies you can use to stay moral.

Make Your Moral Standards Unambiguous 

It’s important to stick to a well-defined set of moral standards. This allows you to be an upstanding person and help you form valuable relationships with others. Having loose morals can lead to guilt and shame, as well as anxiety and depression. It’s best to have clarity over what you believe is right and wrong so that you can better handle moral dilemmas.

Break the Chain of Mistreatment

It’s easy to be mean to someone who has been mean to us. However, this creates a chain of mistreatment that can be hard to break. Sometimes innocent people get mistreated, which can be devastating.

Instead, stand up to make a change and be the bigger person. Always do the right thing, no matter the circumstances. Even if someone has treated you badly, act with morality. This will hopefully teach others to stop with the mistreatment.

Don’t Base Your Moral Standards on the Circumstances

We may unconsciously base our morals on who is doing the immoral action. It’s easier to stick up for loved ones rather than strangers and people we don’t care about. You need to resist this urge. Instead, grade everyone on the same scale, no matter who they are. This will keep your moral code consistent.

Keep Your License With Help From a Tampa Administrative & Professional Licensing Lawyer

A person’s sense of morality can change over time as they experience life events. If you are a licensed professional, you should ask yourself regularly: where do your ethics lie?

Have your ethics been put to the test? Are you now facing licensing issues? If so, see how a Tampa administrative & professional licensing lawyer from The Law Offices of David P. Rankin, P.A. can help you keep your license. Fill out the online form or call (813) 968-6633 to schedule a consultation.