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Importance of a Professional Engineers License


Some professional engineers are unlicensed. This means that they did not complete the steps to become certified, which include two exams, a four-year degree and four years of experience. While some are able to obtain work without a license, doing so is very difficult. If you engage in activities that only a licensed professional engineer is allowed to do, you could face criminal charges, making it impossible for you to ever obtain a license.

A professional engineering license is considered an honorable achievement. It proves to clients that you, as an engineer, uphold the highest standards in your work. As a license holder, you agree to abide in a legal and ethical manner at all times. You keep public health, safety and welfare at the forefront of your mind.

A licensed professional engineer is at the top of their game. A license shows clients and employers that you are not only skilled, but also dedicated to your work. Your focus is on quality.

Reasons for Getting a Professional Engineers License

For an engineer to succeed professionally, having a license is pretty much a requirement nowadays. Engineering plans and drawings must be prepared, signed and submitted only by a licensed professional engineer. This is the law in all states.

Having a license is also a necessity for consultants and private practitioners, especially if they are in responsible charge of other people’s work. Most employers, especially government agencies and educational institutions, will only hire licensed professional engineers. This trend is not likely to change anytime soon. Therefore, if you desire a career as a professional engineer, licensure is well worth the investment.

A license shows that you are a master in the engineering field. Not just anyone can pass the tests and meet all the requirements, so those who do are seen as skilled and dedicated. It gives you the authority to sign off on plans and manage the work of others. A license also offers flexibility in your career, allowing you to even start your own business, if you wish.

Those who are licensed get to use PE after their name, which garners a significant amount of respect in one’s local community. Professional engineers are an elite group, and being known as a licensed professional engineer is an honor that will open doors and help you advance in your career for life.

Keep Your License with Help From a Tampa Professional Engineers Licensing Lawyer

Professional engineers have to deal with ethical issues on a daily basis. Their decisions can affect the public as a whole and create safety issues. Therefore, a professional engineer who makes immoral or illegal decisions can face license loss and other forms of punishment.

If you are a professional engineer facing administrative issues with your license, don’t handle them on your own. The Law Offices of David P. Rankin, P.A. has decades of experience helping licensed professionals in Florida. He has represented more than 100 professional engineers before the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. Let him help you resolve your licensing issues. To schedule a consultation, call (813) 968-6633 or fill out the online form.