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Grounds For Discipline For Healthcare Workers


Taking care of those who are sick or injured is no easy task. It requires a healthcare worker to be of sound mind. Committing crimes or engaging in unethical activities is frowned upon and could even lead to license loss.

Many states have laws in place that suspend professional licenses for various acts. Florida has a law in place that will suspend a health professional’s license when they engage in immoral or illegal behavior.

What Florida Law Says

Florida Statutes Section 456.072 outlines the grounds for discipline for those in health professions. Anyone with a health profession license, including registered nurse, radiologic technologist, and school psychologist, is affected by this state law.

There are several dozen regulations that fall under this state. Some of the most serious ones involve making misleading or fraudulent statements, violating any rule in place by the state board, or being convicted of a crime.

There are many other violations that can cause a nurse, doctor, or other licensee to lose their license. They include filing a false report against another licensed professional or failing to report someone who engages in illegal behavior or other actions that are not ethical in nature.

What many licensed professionals do not know is that they can lose their license for failing to perform legal obligations. This may include failure to pay child support, for example, but for this purpose does not include repayment of student loans.

Taking on duties that a professional is not licensed or qualified to perform is also an issue that can lead to license loss. So can influencing a patient for financial gain.

There are also laws regarding medical malpractice. This includes performing services on the wrong patient or wrong body part. This regulation prohibits performing an incorrect procedure or one that is medically unnecessary. Medical malpractice also includes leaving foreign bodies inside the patient, such as tools or sponges.

Education is also important for healthcare professionals. They are required to take classes for HIV, AIDS, and domestic violence, among other topics. Failure to perform required education is grounds for license loss and other penalties.

Unethical behavior is also not allowed. This includes alcohol and drug use while practicing medicine. Testing positive for a drug without a prescription or medical reason to use the drug can lead to license suspension. Sexual misconduct with patients is also prohibited and can lead to disciplinary action.

Keep Your License With Help From a Tampa Nursing License Lawyer

Nurses and other healthcare professionals have a lot of rules, regulations, and obligations which they must abide by in order to maintain their license. Not following a certain rule can lead to penalties such as fines and even license loss.

Those who are facing administrative issues need to seek legal help right away. Let Tampa nursing license lawyer David P. Rankin help you keep your license. He has decades of experience and a solid track record. Get started by filling out the online form or calling (813) 968-6633.