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Ethical Issues Involving LGBTQIA Employees In The CPA Field


In some industries, licensed professionals are unethical when dealing with clients, causing them to lose their licenses. However, in some fields, the professionals are disrespectful when dealing with their own colleagues. While sexual orientation has been a hot topic for decades, many people still have negative opinions about it. This can create a lot of tension in the workplace. As a result, many CPAs are leaving the field.

A study released earlier this year shows that 20% of CPAs who identified as non-heterosexual have left the accounting field due to a lack of inclusion and diversity. In addition, only 50% of those who identified as LGBTQIA felt that the industry was inclusive and equitable. Female, nonwhite CPAs were even more likely to leave the profession.

Hiring discrimination has always been a huge issue among minorities in the accounting field. Women have also seen advancement at slow paces compared to men. But the fact that LGBTQIA employees are finding the accounting profession difficult is something new.

It’s a disheartening situation. Many CPAs and accounting professionals refrain from coming out of the closet because they fear the consequences. The fact that they are of a sexual orientation other than heterosexual can be used against them. It could hold them back from a promotion, keep them from working on prime clients or projects, and keep them from raises. It could also cause them to face issues with inclusion. They may be denied access to the leadership track or not included in company events. Their sexual orientation should not even be an issue, but the truth is that CPAs end up being the butt of jokes and microaggressions. They are tired of being attacked, so they leave the profession.

This is a sad situation, as it takes a lot of time and money to become a CPA. There are licensing and exams to take into consideration, so when someone leaves the industry, that’s lost talent and opportunity. With the United States seeing labor shortages all over, it makes the situation even worse.

Is it just the accounting industry that is seeing these issues with diversity? Probably not. It’s believed that these prejudices can be found in other professions as well, causing labor shortages and a lack of advancement.

In any case, a person should not have to pretend to be straight in order to be accepted by their colleagues or their company in general. Accounting companies need to change their ways and start being more accepting of workers all  year long.

Keep Your License With Help From a Tampa Certified Public Accountant Licensing Lawyer

Judging clients or employees based on their sexual orientation is a type of unprofessional conduct that could seriously affect one’s accounting career. If you are a licensed professional, make sure that you understand what type of behavior is deemed appropriate.

Tampa certified public accountant licensing lawyer David P. Rankin has helped CPAs and many other licensed professionals with administrative issues. We can help you deal with ethical issues against your license. Fill out the online form or call (813) 968-6633 to schedule a consultation.