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Dentists’ Licenses Suspended For Alcohol Intoxication, Unsanitary Conditions


Licensed professionals, particularly those in the medical field, must meet a lot of standards. After all, they deal with the health of patients, so a wrong move could put their lives at risk. This is true even in the dentistry field. An unethical dentist could cause significant pain and damage to a patient’s mouth.

Two dentists have recently had their licenses suspended for a variety of violations. One suspension happened in Pierce County, Washington. The dentist had his license suspended due to a lack of infection control. The man engaged in various unsanitary practices. He failed to  wash and sanitize his hands and dental chair between patients. He placed a used, dirty instrument tray in a drawer with other instrument trays. The dentist did not use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean instruments. He also had a dirty sink and dental mirrors. He had no current spore test log (it was last updated in November 2022). In addition, the dentist treated a patient who was not wearing safety glasses.

The dentist stated that he did not store dental instruments in an autoclave because he did not know how to use it. He also did not know what chemical was used in the cold sterile unit or if he had even ever changed the chemical.  These items and others were all noticed when an inspector from the Department of Health paid a visit to the dental office in December 2022. The dentist cannot practice in Washington until the charges against him have been resolved.

Another dentist had his license suspended for alcohol use. The Pennsylvania Board of Dentistry suspended the man’s dental license until at least October 2025 for consuming alcohol and not providing services for patients who paid in advance. In January 2021, the dentist admitted to having an alcohol use disorder since 2019. He claimed to have undergone substance abuse treatment and had reached a consent agreement with the state board.

Under the terms of the agreement, the dentist was to abstain from alcohol, undergo unannounced drug and alcohol testing, comply with the Pennsylvania Health Monitoring Program, and participate in monthly calls with a health program.

In November 2021, the man submitted a blood sample and tested positive for alcohol use. He then stopped making the monthly calls and failed to submit to evaluations. Several months later, he  stopped submitting to drug and alcohol screening tests.

The dentist also accepted payment of $2,437 from a patient for partial dentures, then closed his practice without notice. The office is now used by a different dentist.

Keep Your License With Help From a Tampa Dentistry License Lawyer

Dentists have to act in an ethical manner when dealing with patients. Coming into work intoxicated or not being sanitary can endanger patients and put their health and safety at risk.

If you are facing administrative issues, a Tampa dentistry license lawyer from The Law Offices of David P. Rankin, P.A. can resolve your licensing matter quickly. Schedule a consultation today by calling (813) 968-6633 or filling out the online form.