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Importance Of Ethics In Nursing


Nurses are an important part of the healthcare industry. Sure, doctors have the knowledge and skills to diagnose diseases and create treatment plans, but nurses are the ones who provide the day-to-day care. Nurses are also the ones who may be required to make decisions beneficial to the patient.

As such, nurses often come across ethical issues. Every day, they face difficult decisions that may affect the lives of others. Performing nursing care according to the Code of Ethics puts the focus on the patient, despite any risk of adverse personal outcomes.

Major Nursing Principles

There are four key principles that nurses must abide by:

  1. Autonomy. Autonomy in nursing means providing adequate information to allow patients to make their own decisions based on their beliefs and values, regardless of what the nurse chooses.
  2. Beneficence. Beneficence in nursing refers to the promotion of good. It ensures that the patient’s best interest is considered. Beneficence in nursing may include providing comfort to a dying patient or assisting with tasks a patient cannot perform on their own.
  3. Justice. Justice in nursing refers to fairness or an equal distribution of benefits. It relates to impartiality regarding a patient’s age, ethnicity, economic status, religion, or sexual orientation.
  4. Nonmaleficence. Nonmaleficence in nursing means minimizing or avoiding harm. It requires the provision of safe, effective, and high-quality care. It may include taking steps to ensure a safe work environment.

Integrity and confidentiality are also important in the nursing field. This means respecting patients’ privacy and maintaining confidentiality of their health information. Nurses must adhere to legal and ethical guidelines regarding the protection of patient data. They can maintain integrity as well by being truthful and honest with those they come into contact with, including patients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals.

In addition to these principles, nursing ethics also encompass cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity. Continuous education as well as a solid knowledge of ethical principles are essential for nurses to uphold the highest ethical standards in their practice.

Keep in mind that if a nursing action ignores a patient’s preference or conflicts with ethical principles, the nurse may be considered to be acting unethically. Trust in the nursing profession should not be taken lightly. Increasing ethical awareness in nursing can help ensure that the nursing profession maintains trust. Emphasizing ethical principles in nursing will increase confidence in decision-making.

Keep Your License With Help From a Tampa Nursing License Lawyer

Nurses have to worry about ethics when dealing with patients. They face difficult decisions every day, but the focus should always be on patient care.

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