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Monthly Archives: December 2021


Nurse’s License Reinstated After Multiple Theft, Patient Endangerment Offenses

By David P. Rankin, P.A. |

Patients who are sick or injured rely on nurses to provide them with the best care possible. However, this can be difficult when a licensed nurse has a criminal record and a history of immoral offenses, including patient endangerment. A nurse who has a history of theft and alcohol abuse spanning decades recently had… Read More »


Surfside Condo Architect Suspended In 1960s For Incompetency

By David P. Rankin, P.A. |

When a building collapses for unknown reasons, people often look to contractors, designers, architects, and others involved to find the source of the issue. Architects especially have a huge role during the planning and design phases. If they don’t do things in an ethical manner, they can face license suspension and other penalties. This… Read More »


How Deprescribing Affects Pharmacists

By David P. Rankin, P.A. |

Pharmacists must engage in ethical and legal behavior at all times when working with and dispensing medications or else they can face licensing issues. This means they should know about deprescribing, particularly when it comes to seniors. Deprescribing refers to making changes to medications in a safe manner in response to life’s changes. A… Read More »


Veterinary Ethics In The Digital Age

By David P. Rankin, P.A. |

The digital age has ushered in many changes in our everyday lives. Many of the things we do regularly can be done solely through the use of technology. Even veterinary medicine can be done online in certain cases, and while this can be convenient, it is also controversial, as it raises ethical and legal… Read More »