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Monthly Archives: February 2021


Fighting Sexual Harassment in the Architecture Field

By David P. Rankin, P.A. |

Sexual harassment is unfortunately a common practice in the professional world. Women in distinguished careers are often harassed by men, especially in male-driven industries such as architecture. The #MeToo movement encouraged women to speak up about the mistreatment they have faced. In 2017, this led movie stars to speak out against famous movie producer… Read More »


Therapist Arrested for Raping Teen Patient

By David P. Rankin, P.A. |

Teens and young children are vulnerable. They want to be accepted and loved. Because of this, many will do things that are unethical or unacceptable to get approval from an entrusted adult. Unfortunately, adults in positions of trust – such as therapists, doctors, teachers, coaches and police officers – will sometimes take advantage of… Read More »


Pharmacist Facing Charges for Helping Patient Commit Suicide

By David P. Rankin, P.A. |

Pharmacists are in charge of filling medications. Because they are in contact with so many drugs, they need to be ethical with their usage. They cannot substitute other medications, use these prescriptions for personal use or advise patients on how to kill themselves. While this may seem obvious, some pharmacists bypass these laws and… Read More »